We Install Framed Glass Enclosures

Framed shower glass enclosures are the most economical upgrade for an existing bath or shower. We can install your pre-purchased framed shower glass enclosure or recommend one from our line of high quality manufacturers.

Framed shower glass enclosures come with a sliding (bypass door) or hinged(pivot) door.  Both have advantages however bypass doors tend to be more popular as a space saving option. The metal glass frame is available in a variety of finishes such as chrome, brass, brushed nickel and black matte.

Framed shower doors use a magnetic strip to close securely and use rubber seals and door sweeps to keep water inside the shower.

We Install Frameless Glass Enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures are our most popular option for upgrading an existing tiled shower. Frameless shower doors are more visually appealing and can provide a modern contemporary look to almost any bathroom.

Frameless enclosures help accent the decorative tiles inside and outside your shower by providing more viewing space.

Our frameless shower glass is available in heavy duty 3/8” or ½” sizes and utilizes heavy duty hardware and hinges that are available in variety of finishes including black matte, bronze, satin nickel and chrome.

Frameless glass enclosures require additional glass fabrication such as polishing, inserting notches and holes in the glass so they are more expensive than framed or semi-frameless shower doors.

We Install Semi-Frameless Glass Enclosures

Semi-frameless shower enclosures combine the features of a framed shower enclosure and a frameless shower door to give you the best of both worlds.

Typically at a lower cost than a fully frameless enclosure.

Semi-frameless showers use a subtle smaller frame around the top or bottom of the glass enclosure while the hinged or sliding door remains frameless.

We Install Steam Showers

Steam showers have dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years as more people realize the many health benefits of steam and its related therapies.

Steam can be added to any existing tiled shower or compliment a new shower installation.

Steam is produced by installing a steam generator near the shower that is matched to the size of the shower enclosure.

Steam is released inside the shower through a steam port. Options such as aromatherapy (oils and scents), chroma-therapy (color-changing lights) and music-therapy can be added to a steam shower to make it the perfect home oasis.

Our parent company, Luxury Bath Supply is the leading supplier of steam showers in the U.S. while Luxury Shower and Glass is the leading installer of steam showers in VA.

Shower Accessories

We offer a variety of shower accessories designed to complement your new shower glass. Accessories we offer include towel warmers, shower massage panels, illuminated mirrors and more. You can view the additional shower accessories we offer here https://www.luxurybathsupply.com.